Frequently Asked Questions About Home Inspections

What is a professional inspection report?                                                                                    Sample Inspection Report I have these in a few places so they are easy to find.

How do I find a home inspector?
A friend or business associate who has been satisfied with a home inspector they have used, Realtors, and Bankers can be a good source. InterNachi inspectors are good, CMI “Certified Master Inspectors” are those individuals that have invested valuable time and resources to excel in our profession, which promotes excellence in home inspections and integrity above all. I am very proud to say I am a Certified Master Inspector. Give me a call (712) 229-1464

Is your inspector BLIND?                                                                                                                       Check your inspectors background, education, and experience. We are not all the same. You don’t want to hire someone that will miss things. Your inspector needs a good eye, know what things are suppose to look like and what they are not. Every home is different, your inspector NEEDS to know what they are looking at.

What is a home inspection?                                                                                                             A home inspection is an objective, visual examination of a home’s structure, systems and mechanical systems. Think of it like having a personal physical check-up that includes blood pressure, reflexes, temperature, etc., only on the home.

What does an inspection include?
The home inspector is required to observe readily visible and accessible installed systems which include: structural components, exterior, roofing, plumbing, electrical, heating & cooling systems, interiors, built-in kitchen appliances, insulation and ventilation. The home inspector shall operate the mechanical systems using normal operating controls except when conditions or other circumstances may cause equipment damage. The minimum standards for home inspections Paltz Home inspection provides is based on InterNachi Standards of practice.

What will it cost?
Inspection fees vary depending upon the size of the house, its age, location and the home inspector service. Typical fees can start as low as $275 for small 1 bedroom 1 bathroom homes and can cost in excess of $400 for larger and/or older homes. Inspection fees are not regulated and it is a good idea to check local prices on your own. Remember the inspector’s experience and qualifications, the depth of the inspection, extra things one might do versus another and the type of report should be considered when pricing an inspection and selecting an inspector. Some inspectors add for additional services but we do not.

How Can Paltz Home Inspection Help Me?
Paltz Home Inspection can help you make a wise decision by providing you with a very thorough, professional home inspection. Paltz Home Inspection has evolved over the last 6 years of on-site property inspections and over 24 years as a general contractor. I am well trained to provide you with a thorough inspection of the property; effectively utilizing the latest technology, test equipment, digital photography and very detailed and easy to read reports.

Should I be present at the home inspection?
It isn’t required for you to be present at the inspection; however, being at the inspection will help you learn about your new home. The inspector can give you tips on maintenance and upkeep. Plus it’s a good time for you to ask questions.

What Kind of Report do I get?
The report That Paltz Home Inspection provides is very detailed and includes a description of services that were performed, narrative comments of the services, and digital pictures of the property. The description portion describes and identifies the systems and items checked, details of the house and any noted limitations in the inspection. The narrative summery of comments for each area describes those items in the inspection identified for further review or action needed. This includes a detailed report of digital photos with comments for each area of the subject property. The inspection report is emailed normally within one or two business days. Sample inspection report

Are home inspectors required to be licensed?
No, Not in Iowa. But it is Highly recommended that your inspector is certified and has extensive construction background. Do research on your inspector.

Can I do a home inspection myself?
Of course you can inspect the home yourself. However, most homeowners lack the knowledge and expertise of a professional home inspector. Professional home inspectors are familiar with the many elements of home construction, their proper installation and maintenance and will document their findings to you in writing & photo’s in a professionally structured report.

What if the inspection reveals problems with the house?
No house is perfect. Just because the house may have some problems doesn’t mean it isn’t a good investment, as I tell my client’s I can find issues in a brand-new house. The inspection will help you understand the condition of the house. It is up to you to determine which problems you can live with and which you cannot, you may be able to get repairs done before closing, or to negotiate with the seller on the price of the home.

Can a house fail inspection?
No, a house cannot fail since the inspection is an objective, visual examination of a home’s structure, systems and mechanical systems. A home inspection is not a municipal inspection, which verifies local building code compliance. A home inspection in this context cannot pass or fail, it is simply reporting the condition of the home from a visual examination of the structure and systems at that point in time. Systems if bad enough could be flagged and reported as needing immediate attention.

Is a contract required for a home inspection?
Not in Iowa. But one should be signed. I am required to provide a written contract that shall describe the services performed, standards of practice, limitations and the cost or the services By my Organization. This contract is required to be signed before the home inspection is performed.

When should I call a home inspector?
Normally, it’s a good idea to call in an inspector after you have made an offer to purchase the property within your time limit. Most purchase agreements include an “inspection clause” in the contract, making your purchase contingent upon the findings of a professional home inspection. The clause specifies the time frame when the inspection must be completed and turned in for you to be able to benefit from it.

Give me a call to answer any more questions and/or to schedule your inspection. (712) 229-1464 cell      or      (712) 318-3080 office