What We Offer For Buyers

Brief description of services

I will perform a visual inspection of everything from the ground up, including:

  • Moisture Test: If requested I will check for moisture in basement and various areas of the home
  • Flir: If requested I will do Thermal imaging for heat loss and moisture
  • Drone: Allows me to see things that others can not with an aerial view
  • Foundation: I will tell you the type of foundation, material used and any defects it may have. 
  • Structure: condition of the framing and its integrety
  • Roof & Attic: Type and condition of roofing material, condition of rafters, roof penetrations and any deficiancies found
  • Interior : Condition of the living space, Kitchen and fixtures, bathrooms and fixtures, bedrooms, laundry area, and garage and fixtures. Discuss defects and needed upgrades and safety hazards.
  •  Exterior : The condition of Siding, soffit, fascia, doors, lights, landscaping, gutters & downspouts, sidwalks, and driveways.  Will recommend improvements and discuss defects.
  • Drainage: Observe the drainage mode and its deficiencies as this is a large factor in the condition of the foundation and structural integrity of the entire home.
  • Electrical: Service entrance, main electrical panel, sub panels, exterior and interior lighting, switches, outlets, wiring. Test AFCI, GFCI, look for wiring issues that could be a potential hazard.
  • Plumbing: Test faucets, drains, inspect for leaks and suspect pipes and fittings. Make sure drains are working to the standards of what they should.
  • Heating and Cooling System: Test and inspect the Furnace and air conditioning unit to ensure safety and functionality of what they were designed.
  • I do not test for but will note signs of mold, asbestos and Lead paint if applicable

I will encourage my clients to be present at the time of the inspection or at least at the end to ask as many questions as they need to, to understand the process and what is going on. I will then give a full, easy to understand detailed report with color pictures of my findings and recommendations.