Some ways Roofs and Attics affect each other


Roofing and Attics

“You Should See What We See”

Odds are that you have been living in your home and have never been on the roof or in the attic. This is a common thing; most people just don’t investigate these places until there is a problem.

The roofing materials like tarpaper and shingles protect the sheeting, framing, and interior of the attic and ultimately the inside of your home.  It’s important to ensure that things like the roof venting, sewer vent boots, and flashings are all in good condition and working properly. Roof venting: Whether it’s a ridge vent, power vent, or soffit venting is important. If the venting is not sufficient you can end up with mold on the attic sheeting and framing. If the insulation and ventilation are not sufficient in the attic there can be frost and condensation that also affects multiple things. Did you know the shingles are also affected by poor ventilation? If the ventilation is not adequate, the attic will get overheated during the summer months and the surface of the shingles will loosen and fall off.  Overheating of the attic will also cause the shingles to curl. Roofing and attic spaces affect each other.

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