Why should you have a home inspection?

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Certified Master Inspector

Why should you have a home inspection? And who do you hire?
You should always have a home inspection done when purchasing a home as a buyer to protect yourself and ensure you know what you are purchasing. I do a variety of inspections. Inspections on new construction, inspections for sellers so they know what to expect. I even do inspections for home owners that want to know what they should do to improve and protect their investment. Let’s face it you are not an inspector and even if you have lived in a home for years there could be defects your unaware of. That’s my job, to make you aware and give you peace of mind.
I was a contractor for over 20 years and see what others will not, I learned what I know the hard way. My experience can’t be taught to someone in an inspection school coming from another background. In my professional opinion an inspector should have at a very minimum 10 years of construction experience before being allowed to go to inspection school and become an inspector. I’m very passionate about what I do and proud to be able to use what I know and have learned over the years to help you.
Your home is probably the most expensive purchase you will ever make. You need to be represented by a real estate agent. The agent’s job is to guide you and protect you in the process. This is no time to settle for a cheap inspection. It is very important to do your research on the inspectors available, their background and experience as well. Don’t let your agent talk you out of having an inspection or into having a cheap inspection done just to get it over with and don’t let them push you into hiring an inspector without researching options first. Don’t just hire the first person that answers the phone, do your research and find out the qualifications of the person that is giving you a report on the largest purchase you will make.
Home inspections can turn up defects that you would not have normally seen, some of these defects might affect the way you see the property. Inspections uncover issues with wiring, plumbing, windows, doors, roofing, foundations and much much more.
I’ve been doing inspections for almost 8 years, before that I was a contractor for over 20 years building residential and commercial properties. I took inspection classes through Allied/InterNACHI inspection school. I’ve worked hard as a professional inspector and am very proud to be one of the few to be able to call myself a CMI (Certified Master Inspector) the highest designation and inspector can receive. The CMI designation is given to an inspector by the Certified Master Inspectors Board after completing certain requirements. Helping people doing inspections and informing you about what you are purchasing or already own and are wanting to sell is important to me as an inspector.
There are a few good organizations out there, InterNACHI, AHIT, ASHI. InterNACHI is by far the best. But here again not all inspectors are equal as the experience and background of a professional is very important, do your research. Don’t be a guinea pig. Have it inspected once, have it inspected right!
You should always have an inspection done, this is not where you want to cut corners. Like I said, I am a CMI, my local competitors are not. There is not another for over 80-90 miles from my location. Is compromising 25-50 dollars’ worth it when you’re talking thousands when purchasing a home?

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